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Bachelor #2 's basic features were accurately described online, such as height and eye color, but his the personality traits he claimed for himself, such as optimism and friendliness, were just plain wrong.Still, it's probably not reasonable to expect someone to describe themselves as boastful and offputting.You cannot, however, save your progress as you go, which means that you must complete a test in one sitting. User Profiles and Bad Web Design Even if you manage to endure answering a hundred questions in one sitting, you may become frustrated with Plenty of Fish's awful design.

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It was also common for users to send the exact same message twice, which made Kara wonder if there was a glitch with the site or app.

Kara also noticed users frequently sent on-going messages without receiving a reply to the first, or third.

Still, I did notice a bump in the number of times my profile was viewed.

Commerce Editor Kara Kamenec dove into the world of POF to explore its dating scene.

South of that menu is a filter system that lets you refine your searches based on age and location.

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