Abusive or intimidating behavior in the workplace

by  |  10-Mar-2018 05:56

Government Intervention In order to file a civil lawsuit under Title VII, you will first have to send your complaint to the EEOC, the federal agency that enforces Title VII.

If the harassment is committed by a superior and: Strategies to Stop the Harassment With the above legal standards for sexual harassment at work in mind, victims of harassment also bear the burden of attempting to end it.

There are several levels of escalation to employ in putting an end to workplace sexual harassment. If that doesn't work, look at your employee handbook or manual and see what policies the company has in place and take your complaint to that level.

So complain within the company, let them know about the situation, document it, and keep backups in files away somewhere safe away from the workplace.

Documentation does not end at keeping emails and memos to co-workers and supervisors.

Sexual harassment at work is a serious problem and can happen to both women and men.

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