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I just watching tv gatorsftw1: the Bunk, ya lol you get the picture amerinsyd: Shutdovvn, I remember buying in under a dollar last December Nikola Alva: keep in mind..

get in on 32000 soon coinkeeper: if I remember correctly there is only 420 million pot coins out there, i used to mine the coin, just don't know why its waking up now hakimronaldo: pot is like a speare tkshockwave: Xodianbarr, well the trollbox is the best proof sirmurei.morrison: potcoin is the meme magic heir chase1111: or as much as Lord Beer: lookup, you sent me pic of yellow one!!

ethershaman: well lets talk about eth, how is eth going?

tkshockwave: ethershaman, i could sync all blocks in minutes sirmurei.morrison: memes alone can get it to 5000 satoshi Sinone: I also wanted to finish the surprises for ppl talking about POT..a weekend fest in canada maybe that helps the figures today.

Solar Powered: Degenerate Poker, How many confirms does it have?

tkshockwave: so guys the barrier is broken on amp..

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