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Which is why I was confident 's long-awaited marriage between Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly would rise above the annals of other forgettable TV weddings.

Anytime you drag family, friends and co-workers – many of them complete strangers to one another – to some far off place for a weekend of drinking, eating and dancing, you're bound to end up with some hilarious – or at least interesting – stories.

Sadly, the episode never strives for much more than that, and we're left wondering whether or not we had more fun at Phyllis and Bob Vance's wedding.

And as has often been the case with this series, the episode's extended length doesn't necessarily translate into more laughs. "Niagara" begins with a raunchy cold opening centered on Pam's morning sickness, a gag that almost overstays its welcome but nevertheless culminates in a hilarious punch line involving Creed.

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Much of the news since Wallenda’s incredible feat has been about unfulfilled development promises, frozen water pipes, and a divisive mayoral election that saw the incumbent—who at first didn’t want Wallenda to perform in the falls—returned to office in a controversial election process.

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