saoirse ronan is dating - Secret dating sims part 2

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A number of additions have been made, though, ranging from the large, such as multi-story housing, a full life cycle for your Sims, and a new Aspiration system, to the small, such as alien impregnations.

Whether you're an old hand at The Sims, or are new to the series, Game Spot's unofficial guide to The Sims 2 is intended to be a complete resource for the game, detailing all of the major features in the game.

You can't understress the importance of socialization in this game, so a high Outgoing score is almost universally desirable.

Highly Outgoing Sims will require more socialization to fill up their Social Need, which will also decay more quickly than it will for Shy Sims, but this is hardly a drawback, considering the amount of socialization you'll likely be doing, regardless of where your Sim lies on this continuum.

These traits will determine what kind of career your Sim will excel in, how quickly they'll improve their skills, how successfully they'll interact with other Sims, and in general will affect all aspects of their lives.

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