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'Treatment sessions' with him always made me feel tense and uncomfortable.'Raisman began to realize over the years that other girls also had this issue while attending camps around the country.

It was at one of those camps that during a conversation with one girl she said: 'I feel like if it wasn’t okay he would’ve already been fired.

Nassar also caused problems for Raisman however, who says she justified his behavior.

And when she asked to speak with the investigator again having realized she was being assaulted, Raisman says that USA Gymnastics asked her to stop speaking about Nassar with any other person.

Someone would have said something it it was wrong.'That is what may have kicked off the investigation into Nassar reveals Raisman, who writes that a coach who overheard her comment told an official with USA Gymnastics.'Alarm bells went off in her head,' writes Raisman.

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