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For example, both Babes and Crazy Horse III will quote you a price of 0 for an hour with a dancer in one of their curtained cubicle VIP rooms.Both clubs’ rooms are very private and comfortable and similar in size. The point is, if you just look at quoted VIP room prices, you may not be getting a fair comparison.This is an outstanding level of privacy for the price of a single lap dance.

Babes, Crazy Horse III and Deja Vu are topless while Palomino, Talk of the Town, and Little Darlings are fully nude.

I like the extra time at Little Darlings (club review / club website) and Deja Vu Showgirls (club review/ club website), with Little Darlings having the edge for full nudity and Deja Vu having an edge on high mileage.

The rooms are generally furnished with a comfortable couch or bed and sometimes a small table and lamp, but not much else.

Some clubs offer private VIP rooms with special amenities.

At a lot of Vegas strip clubs with group VIPs, the dancer will tell you that she can give you a much better dance in the VIP, or that club policy allows no touching outside the VIP.

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