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Any of these responses may be reproduced for local use as long as the appropriate acknowledgement, including the Web address, is cited on each copy. How do we bless Roman Catholic or other ecumenical guests who feel they cannot come to communion? How do rites of social and fraternal societies relate to Lutheran funeral practice? If you would like additional information or do not find the question that you are seeking an answer to, we invite you to contact the worship staff at [email protected] How can we celebrate congregational anniversaries within worship? How do we worship and pray with other Christians and non-Christians?

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The President is the federation's chief official representative and spokesperson.

He or she presides at meetings of the Assembly, Council and Meeting of Officers, and oversees the life and work of the federation in consultation with the General Secretary.

A similar event took place in Lund Cathedral at the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation when Pope Francis visited Scania, Sweden's southernmost province that originally was Danish. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, it replaced the more informal Lutheran World Convention, which had been founded in 1924.

The goal was to coordinate international activities of the many Lutheran churches, to provide a forum for discussions on theological and organizational issues, and to assist in philanthropy, missionary activity, and exchange of students and professors. Michelfelder (1889–1951), representing the American Lutheran Church.

What are vestments and paraments and why are they used?

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