Bbw chat line number free - Updating gcc ubuntu

by  |  13-Mar-2018 03:26

Cherry-picking re-installs on these packages might prove to be troublesome.

updating gcc ubuntu-54updating gcc ubuntu-25

More context to my question: I have been struggling for a while now trying to cross-compile some code, which already works in linux, for Windows.

When done correctly, my code should compile to a Windows DLL file to be used in conjunction with a larger software package,which already works in Windows.

(Note that the commands above will cause the packages in the "system" set to be rebuilt twice, which is necessary to be absolutely certain that every package gets built in the same [presumably] "problem-free" environment.

Any problems that remain after doing this are due to either "genuine bugs" that should be reported or poor system configuration.) If dev-libs/boost needs to be rebuilt, one will get the following error message: This means that you are trying to build a package with an older GCC version than that with which some depending libraries were built.

This document guides users through the process of upgrading to modern versions of GCC.

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