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More details are given in the next section, GCC upgrading explained.Most GCC upgrades are as simple as switching the compiler version (here from 5.4.0 to 6.4.0) and rebuilding Enjoy the new compiler!

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Apart from such "benign" benefits, rebuilding everything from scratch may be necessary in some cases to fix problems that don't seem to have any obvious cause.

Some software problems are inherently difficult to diagnose and yet could be solved by simply rebuilding one or more appropriate packages.

While GCC (or more specifically, libstdc ) goes to great lengths to guarantee stability of the ABI, this guarantee does not extend to all parts of C within libstdc .

Formally, with versions starting from 3.4, GCC/libstdc only guarantees C 98/C 03 ABI stability and not more. GCC only makes C 11 ABI stability guarantees beginning with version 5.1.

GCC upgrading has always been mystified, with suggestions ranging from "users do not need to do anything" to "users will need to rebuild the entire system twice".

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