True stories about internet dating

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Bandito if we cant have a good laugh at our bad experiences we arent very well adjusted people... She dressed as a cat and curled up on the back of the sofa to sleep..more bizarre stuff.

My goal was to start a fun and entertaining thread about funny/crazy/dumb things people do while on a date from POF. Met a few really really really nice people during my online stint.... I don't know if she chased birds and used a liter box, but inquiring minds want to know!!

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Unfortunately, I had to move to get away from one.... However, now I am a landlord as well...there was a bonus to it.

I agree with you....where is the harmin telling bad dating stories you may actually helpsome people..I have heard of one guy on here wont mention names but he has been ripping ladies off stealing their identities and appling for credit online with them one girl lost $3000 now is suing him....thats what i have heard anyways Well I don't care what anyone says....

So I decided to try smaller, more personalized ones.

I didn't do any research before choosing one that sounded promising—just a quick Google search.

The first set came, and I immediately started looking the guys over.

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