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Pedro Menéndez had once been a Captain General of those treasure ships…he had been looking for a reason to return to La Florida to search for his lost son, whose ship had disappeared during a hurricane off the Florida Coast.Menéndez raised his own capital, hoping to develop a colony in La Florida that would eventually become self-sufficient and export its own goods. For more on early Florida settlements, check out the 4-hour extended version of “America’s Untold Story” now available on DVD.

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Narrator: Little was known about Menéndez or his influence on American history until Dr.

Eugene Lyon began combing through Spanish archives in the 1960’s. Lyon: “Pedro Menéndez de Avilés”] Narrator: Lyon spent six years in Spain, microfilming more than a million pages of archival material, and another decade translating them. Narrator: What emerged is a story that radically changes our understanding of this country’s roots….

AUGUSTINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY Educational Support Provided By CITY OF ST. JOHNS COUNTY TOURIST DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK Special Thanks FLAGLER COLLEGE FLORIDA HUMANITIES COUNCIL For SECRETS OF THE DEAD Coordinating Producer BENJAMIN PHELPS Editor DARREN PEISTER Additional Audio Mixer ED CAMPBELL Budget Controller SUSAN BARTELT Legal Counsel ANTONIA CAREW-WATTS Web Producer CHIE MIYAJIMA Social Media HANNA RIOSECO Audience Engagement NATASHA PADILLA Director, Programming Operations JANE BUCKWALTER Executive-in-Charge STEPHEN SEGALLER Executive Producers STEVE BURNS STEPHANIE CARTER Dedicated to the Memory of DR. If you really wanted to look at the founding fathers, you’d look a lot earlier and you’d look south.

MICHAEL GANNON A production of Small Planet Pictures Inc., Investigative Media Group Inc., and 1186 Pictures in association with the University of Florida Historic St. Narrator: It starts nearly a half-century before the Pilgrims landed.

So, those prophesies are saying that Christ is coming back, we have to evangelize the world, and the monarchs of Spain will in fact be at the forefront of the apocalypse when they retake Jerusalem.

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