first month dating - Chat with virtual girls

by  |  07-Mar-2018 02:48

I don’t know much about Daz Studio; can you compare it with Crazy Talk?

Some examples of what I came up with in DAZ Studio can be seen on You Tube:

v=Vt5Was UYJcc This girl does not have chat possibilities, but I would like to give them to her.

- Animated avatar customization - Lip syncing - - AI Interpreter The question seems to be, how to interface the AI Interpreter (of which there are many) with the lip-synced animated avatar?

There is a tool available called Baldi Sync; but, I haven’t used it yet.

The Scene Creater would not recognize my bmp files or jpg files, so I was not able to import my own Virtual Girl in to their chatbot program.

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