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On a personal level the subcontractor, provider of off-shore development and the product manager agreed on an iterative approach including free changes after each iteration within the budget boundaries given by the contract.

The Result: Both parties knowing that the contract wouldn’t help a lot in case of failure with the project actually helped to create a bond within the team.

This is a mind-numbing meeting where each development team member would have a representative stand up and recite a 4-quadrant charts, “red” “yellow” or “green” status, issues, gantt chart changes, in poke-me-in-the-eyeballs-with-a-needles boring details.

The tension: This was a three-fold aspect of tension: I slipped out, noticed a bag of popcorn and a microwave. Ran back into the room, and told a colleague “if you smell smoke in 5 minutes, run out and pull the fire alarm.” Post-fire, I emailed the company fire-marshall on the risk of holding company meetings where “everyone in R&D” attended.

We already had experienced this kind of situation in the past without measuring flow (CFD) and it needed from us hours of negotiations, emails and escalations.

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