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Inappropriate affectionate behavior is defined as: Under the age of eighteen, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian Visitors fourteen and older will have photographic ID each time they wish to visit.Visitors will not be permitted entrance to the institution without photographic ID.

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The superintendent will approve/disapprove this type of request.

At all times while on the grounds of the Mississippi Department of Corrections a visitor is subject to search of his person, vehicle, personal property, or any/all items one may have in his possession.

In such cases, the superintendent will grant permission in writing.

Visitors must show this written authorization each time they visit.

Individuals on probation or parole or other forms of conditional release will obtain the permission of both their program supervisor and the Superintendent prior to being allowed to visit Individuals who have been convicted of a felony will be prohibited from visiting offenders except in those cases where immediate family relationships can be established.

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