Christian dating advice for single parents

by  |  24-Jan-2018 19:36

You need effective ways to find support and make life easier and more fun for you and your child. Keep mealtimes, bedtimes, and the time the family wakes up in the morning fairly consistent.

A predictable routine structures your day and helps give your child a sense of security.

"You need ‘middle-of-the-night friends' -- people you can call at a moment's notice who can help you in person in case of an emergency," Klungness says.

"But you also need people you and your kids can meet up with for fun activities.

"They can watch your kids one night a week and you can watch their kids the next night." To keep the system fair, members of the co-op "earn" a specific number of points in exchange for each hour they spend babysitting.

They can then "spend" these points when they ask another member to babysit for them.

Other times, guys find out I’m a Christian and automatically assume I’m uptight and judgmental.

Christian dating advice for single parents

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