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"It is incomprehensible that adults would commit such appalling acts against children and young people, and our thoughts remain with the victims and those close to them."Police are examining further material that has since come to light, while authorities in the United States and Germany are also conducting investigations.

Lostprophets, who formed in 1997 and had a string of gold albums in the US and platinum albums in Britain, disbanded earlier this year after Watkins was charged.

This recent report entitled "Children of the Webcam" is an updated version of the 2013 "Fullscreen on View" document which initially detailed the evolving trend in sexual exploitation of children; that of using them to perform live sex acts for paying viewers in foreign countries via internet webcam.

3 years later, Terre des Hommes Netherlands revisits the original findings to ascertain if and how the phenomenon has developed in the interim.

They are later coerced into performing sexual acts with the person doing the extorting or are coerced into posing or performing sexually on camera, thus producing hardcore pornography.

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