Online sexpron chatting - Grails not updating database

by  |  20-Jan-2018 03:29

There are tons — maybe not — of Groovy on Grails tutorials on the Internet, but most of them uses the scaffold approach to introduce you to the framework.

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Grails get the object with the passed ID and then returns it to the view.

Note that we don’t need to write return statements, as Grails automatically returns the last value from a code block.

The frist step is create our controller file in We’ll now specify each action with closures — functional code inside them! In this case, as we only intend to show an HTML formulary, a blank closure is enough, as nothing is gonna be executed and the only thing we want is to be redirected to our view.

From the create formulary, we intend to get the information necessary to create a new record to our database. It creates a new Contact object with default values coming from params (POST and GET).

Views are basically HTML pages where we render the results from operations executed on controller — specifically inside action closures — and get user information.

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