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Now, only the customer who has set these codes has the ability to make changes to the voice mail settings, even to the person’s general cell account.

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The difference here is that these spoof attacks specifically target mobile users who have not set a voice mail password.

Spoof calls provide straight access to voice mail, but if you have a password, this could never happen, said Mahaffey.

Amid reports of the News of the World cell phone hacking scandal, many mobile users might be wondering if their own phones are vulnerable. Despite the recent hubbub, the news is pretty heartening: with advances in mobile technology have come advances in mobile security. “No system is 100 percent foolproof,” said John Walls, vice president of public affairs with CTIA, a non-profit advocacy organization that represents the interests of the wireless communications industry.

“Then again, the systems that are in place are very good and provide high levels of protection for consumers.

Stay safe on public wifi networks that are not secure by avoiding online shopping or banking.

Ot nasty phone chat trials free

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