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It was nice to see him really take in the things that Naledi would tell him.

I really loved seeing him in his role and seeing how compassionate he was. I loved that Cole added in some aspects that applied to real life, but she did it seamlessly. I didn't expect a little bit of a mystery element, but I really loved that side plot.

, he plays Abe Weissman, the Ur-1950s New York Jewish father, whose daughter’s antics drive him up the wall and distract him from his two favorite hobbies, playing the piano and talking about math.

In the Broadway musical , based on the film of the same name, Shalhoub plays Tewfiq, a restrained, pained conductor of an Egyptian concert band who gets stuck in a middle-of-nowhere Israeli town and develops a moving bond with a woman played by Katrina Lenk.

There is so much to love in this book that I can't recommend it enough. I couldn't help but wanting to cheer for her throughout every part of this book.

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