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The common denominator is the bottom-ejection as introduced on the Remington Model 17 (offered in 20 gauge only) which became the Ithaca Model 37 after modifications, produced in 20, 16, and 12 gauge.

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It was in that year that the company unveiled its newest offering, the Model 37 Repeater.

The Model 37 was destined to be a huge success, assuring Ithaca Gun Company a place in firearms history.

The Ithaca M37 comes in four flavors: 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauge.

Ithaca Featherlight models are all-steel, but weigh in the area of half to three quarters of a pound less than their BPS counterparts.

The gun was designed by the famous firearms designers John Browning and John Pedersen and first sold as the Remington Model 17.

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