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Sometimes her help is unwanted – but that’s never stopped her before.

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What could be more important than finding the perfect person to share their life with?

”“So how does this translate into dozens and dozens of truffles,” he’d said with a frown looking at the trays of chocolate truffles spread before them waiting to be ferried down into a waiting van by Heath and Marcus.

Dressed in suits and cocktail dresses most of them were trying desperately to pretend they were here, not out of a sense of desperation, but for a lark.

“After all, it’s not as if I can’t get a date,” Marla trilled. ” The owner of a designer discount store and an attractive woman in her early thirties she appeared to be appraising each man, trying to find the diamond in a pile of rubble.

Instead he’d blocked a couple and then caught her, pulling her down and pinning her with his arms.

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