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I eventually traded it in for a used blackface Showman with a 15” JBL.That amp worked pretty well with my Rick 12-string.

This also was the first amplifier made by Fender specifically for the bass guitar. The principal external difference was the placement of the model name of the amp on the front logo-plate.

(Fender produced the first electric bass, the Precision Bass, in 1951 and it needed an amp.) No tube chart or Fender serial number can be found on this amp, though the control pots date it to 1952. This amp, made in late 1953, is one of the first wide-panel tweed amps. All Fender amps up to this point had a metal plate mounted on the front top panel simply stating “Fender.” The logo plate on this amp designates it as a “Fender Deluxe.” The naming of the Fender amp model on the front panel continues to this day. Now we are getting into the Fender Ivy League of amps. Though the amps are rated to handle the same output wattage, the Jensen “Q” speaker is rated slightly more heavy-duty than the “R” speaker.

Tweed amps can be placed in three general categories by the styling of the front of the amp: “TV”, “wide-panel” and “narrow-panel” tweed.

The tweed amps depicted below are all one-speaker combo amps – not exotic, but very desirable even today for their tone. The alnico magnet was designated by a “P” in the speaker code; thus, a P12R is a 12” alnico speaker rated “R” as to its output capability.

Many years later, in the ‘80s, I was back into playing and recording and looked in the want ads for a Fender tube amp. That amp turned out to be an early-production 1960 Pro-Amp.

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