Live online cams with live previews vt dating

by  |  19-Feb-2018 07:08

Typically in order for you to have any hope of success you’ll need a 4G or LTE network connection on your phone.

Additionally, you’ll likely want to have a data plan that is either unlimited, or enough GB’s so that you aren’t costing yourself a small fortune.

The i OS update for streaming is coming later this quarter.

So in order to do this today you’ll need Android, along with the latest firmware version (which is done via the Android app, also a nice touch).

In any case, once that’s done you can go ahead and actually start a live activity. Note that you have to be connected to a mobile/cellular network, you can’t use Wi Fi in the house/office on your phone, because the Wi Fi connection is being used to connect to the HTC camera already. It’ll take a few seconds to get the stream up and running and during that time the aspect ratio of the preview image will change a bit.

Now with that set you can simply go back to the main page and you’ll see a live streaming icon at the bottom. It’ll also start a 30-minute count-down timer, which is the per-video limit that HTC has setup.

Then it switches over and shows it as live: If you were to go to You Tube, you’d actually see the broadcast there live as well – it’ll initially show up with a simple cover screen before going to the live feed once initialized.

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