Sexting sites all with no credits

by  |  14-Feb-2018 15:17

If you’re in a situation that makes you uncomfortable and the other person keeps asking you for sexts, don’t be afraid to block them.

You can find lots of information on blocking and more over at our Online Safety Hub.

Check this out – AROUSR is a premium sexting site which lets you browse through the profiles of available women you can either sext or have phone conversations with.

Signing up with your phone number automatically provides you with 100 free credits to use in order to discover if it’s something you want to continue using.

Having something as intimate as a nude shared without your permission can have a big impact on you psychologically.

Be sure to think about the emotional stress of having pictures of yourself distributed to everyone you know by an ex or former friend.

Other than not sending one at all, there is no guarantee you can prevent it from being shared with a wider audience than you initially intended.

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