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But proponents are pitting themselves against water-quality interests, ranging from local nonprofits to the U. The Army Corps solicited public comments in July and early August, in response to Ikea's request to build a store that will wipe out 15.5 acres of wetlands northeast of The Plain Dealer's printing plant.

Army Corps of Engineers show broad political and corporate support for Swedish furniture giant Ikea's plans to build a store on land off Tiedeman Road. Ikea provided a 43-page stack of letters to The Plain Dealer late Wednesday, in response to a story about environmental push-back against the retailer's proposed project in Brooklyn.

While in Swedish prison, Ukbagabir was attacked and injured by fellow prisoners on multiple occasions, requiring hospital care.

The Eritrean Justice Ministry said that an extradition would be possible if an agreement could be reached with Sweden.

In general, people show a subtle bias toward the self.

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