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Yes, he and I were in conversations about my doing a guest spot on and in fact they had sent me a script and they had wanted us to play Janet and Jack and do this episode, and I said, "John, you know, it just doesn't feel right, I mean the idea seems really cool but it doesn't feel right, I don't quite know what to say about that." And eventually the wonderful writers of sat down, and reconsidered it and the episode that came out was that his children on the show ended up playing our characters, as he like falls asleep and has a dream and here are his children playing the people and it was such a wonderful episode, and the writers were so terrific when they saw both John and I were a little hesitant about the material they had suggested, they went back to the drawing board and came up with a WONDERFUL, wonderful episode, so that was really cool and we were you know in fact talking about, 'what else, how else can we bring you in?

Can you tell us something about John that we don't know about from your days working with him on : I suppose that, I mean we all know that he was so creative and so funny, and truly Pavan, there were days you'd go home from work at the end of the rehearsal day and your face would hurt from laughing because John would just break you up constantly and so we all know what a great talent he was.

And how much his heart was to create joy and also thanks to and other films we got to see his talent ranged the full gamut and I'm grateful that we had the opportunity for that to be known before he went up to heaven.

Miss De Witt has starred in numerous theatrical productions including most recently the Canadian premieres of the 2000 Pulitzer Prize-winning play .

Her television credits include singing and dancing in numerous specials having had the pleasure of appearing with such wonderful talents as Greer Garson, Ann Miller, Perry Como, Bill Cosby, Anne Murray, Tony Randall, Rich Little, Cheryl Ladd, John Ritter, and Steve Martin.

Aw honey, thank you for saying the play is wonderful.

Who is joyce dewitt dating

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