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I think it would have been fun to go to Larry's used car lot where Richard Kline could show his lairs.I loved that we got to go to the hospital where Terri worked several times.I think those stories involving the character's individual personal lives we could have explored more and that would have been fun, but I have no complaints about what we did because what we did was such fun and we had such a good time doing it. I still regret to this day not ever meeting him and regret not getting a chance to see him on Broadway in 2000.

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We were just blessed being surrounded by an extraordinary support system and they were all professionals who were doing their jobs as well as we were trying to do ours and it ended up being a good thing, it ended up people had a good time with us.

John used to say, we were not trying to make somebody laugh, we're trying to make someone laugh so hard they fall off their couch laughing.

I went to see the play last Saturday and got to meet Joyce and both her and the play were great (I'll give my thoughts on the play tomorrow, so come on back for that! We get answers to various questions that you will all want to know about, including how she got her start in theater, the gift of being an actor, details on her new off-Broadway play, a possible if they asked!

As always with all of our interviews, it is in Seven Questions form.

She has also made numerous guest-starring appearances on popular television programs including Miss De Witt holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Ball State University and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from UCLA where she was awarded the Master of Fine Arts Fellowship as well as the Clifton Webb Scholarship.

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