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In recent years large-scale pedophilia cases have caused much debate in the Netherlands regarding the way the justice system should deal with pedophiles.

In 2010, a man in Amsterdam was arrested for abusing at least 87 children while working as a nanny.

To jurisprudence professor Roel Schutgens from the Radboud University, it’s this aspect of the organization that makes this case so difficult: “They say sexual contact between adults and children is OK and at the same time they say the law should be obeyed.

But many are now wondering whether the right to privacy should prevail over child protection.

The Dutch parties Christen Unie (Christian Union) and CDA (Christian Democratic People’s Party) have already started working on a bill to ban pro-pedophilia groups.

But the appeals court in the northern town of Leeuwarden has now overturned that decision, claiming that although the work of the organization is contradictory to public order, there is no evidence leading to “a threat of disrupting society.” Uittenbogaard, 40, sees this as a victory for freedom of expression. “A child can see a lot of violence on television, on every cartoon there’s violence, on movies people get killed,” he explains, “But when Janet Jackson’s breast is shown at the Super Bowl people say: ‘Oh children are watching this.’ Nakedness and everything concerning sexuality is a taboo and violence is the norm.

And I think that should be the other way around.” He further believes “almost everyone has pedophile feelings in them.

When Marthijn Uittenbogaard’s lawyer contacted him with the news that his pro-pedophilia group could continue to exist, he took to Twitter: “Fortunately, there are still wise judges,” he wrote.

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