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She only laughed along with the guys making me growl. “Calm down Travis and I got into a wrestling match he tried to take the last dumpling and I wasn’t giving it to him, we ended up on the flooring rolling over and fighting for it” “And he hurt you just for a dumpling” I seethed.

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” “No one really knows I mean we're all pretty close but them I guess they have a special connection or something as for dating they could be but I doubt it, but why do you care I thought you guys were just friends” “Yeah Ashton you made it pretty clear when you rejected her in front of the whole school, which we haven’t completely forgiven you for.” Oh no.

“I know guys, I was an ass but I honestly didn’t mean to hurt her” I said “No?

Since finishing second with partner Gilles Marini in ‘s season finale last month, Burke has been keeping busy by making press appearances and getting ready to attend her mother’s 55th birthday celebration in Mexico.

On Friday night Burke will celebrate the grand opening of her third Cheryl Burke Dance studio, in Mountain View, Calif.

Fresh from a Caribbean vacation with her boyfriend, model Maxwell Zagorski, Burke, 25, tells PEOPLE that shedding the pounds and maintaining “the ideal weight for me” has been relatively simple.

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