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When we got hungry the guys gave us tour of the house before going to cook.“What are you guys making” Drew asked intrigued “Fry dumplings they are so good I swear one Ember smells these she’ll be rushing downstairs’’ ‘Wait she here, I thought she was visiting Travis “ “she is but they came back they’re both upstairs right now” I tried listening to see if I could hear any sounds from her room but got nothing.“Uh Uh Uh what’s the magic word” Dima tsked bopping her nose, which she didn’t seem to like very much.

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“Oh shit Travis is hungry and he gets irritable when he’s hungry, I have to go before he comes down here and kick my ass later guys and thanks for the food” With that she ran off to her room and didn’t come back until late evening dressed in shorts and a tank with a bruise on her hand.

“What the hell happened to you” Drew and I screamed rushing over to her.

Since finishing second with partner Gilles Marini in ‘s season finale last month, Burke has been keeping busy by making press appearances and getting ready to attend her mother’s 55th birthday celebration in Mexico.

On Friday night Burke will celebrate the grand opening of her third Cheryl Burke Dance studio, in Mountain View, Calif.

Fresh from a Caribbean vacation with her boyfriend, model Maxwell Zagorski, Burke, 25, tells PEOPLE that shedding the pounds and maintaining “the ideal weight for me” has been relatively simple.

Maxwell zagorski dating

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