Is mark zuckerberg dating erica albright

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Well, according to Harvard, in the course of one day, :the number of visitors quadrupled—by 10 p.m., the site had been visited by 450 people, who voted at least 22,000 times.” You can actually read the entire article about the incident from Harvard’s newspaper The Crimson online. The image above comes from Mark Zuckerberg’s deposition from the Connect U v. Sean Parker was arrested for cocaine possession at a house party with another employee of Facebook…Did Sean Parker really discover The after a one night stang with a college student? Sean told Vanity Fair that he discovered the website on his roommate’s girlfriend’s computer. but not during the Fall of 2004, and not in California.

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But finally, after about an hour, a policeman triumphantly returned brandishing a plastic bag containing white powder.

Parker, who had signed the rental agreement for the house, was taken to the police station.

The party got so big that people began dropping in off the beach.

Then two nights later, the final night, they hosted another, smaller gathering with the instructors.

It was then that he decided to send Zuckerberg an e-mail suggesting a meeting. The arrest happened a kite-boarding vacation in North Carolina in August 2005.

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