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Whether you're sexually active or not, most exams come with a set of basics.Your gyno will usually want to do a pelvic exam, especially if you're over 16, to check your vulva, vagina, and other internal organs (the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries) to make sure they are all working how they should."We encourage teens to speak with their parents and involve them in their visit, but understand that that's not always possible," says Dr. But no matter who your gyno is, your best bet is always to speak up and be honest so you can receive the best healthcare possible for you.

They shouldn't make you feel like you need to gain or lose weight unless there is a medical reason to do so. Your gyno should never do anything without explaining what they're doing, and how it might make you feel.

First of all, a gyno exam isn't like getting a bikini wax — you don't have to "tough" through it.

It might not be fun, but it shouldn't be painful."Your gynecologist should do their best to keep you as covered and comfortable as possible throughout your visit, and that includes letting you know what they're doing and if you can expect to feel any discomfort," says Dr. "It's also important to let the doctor know if you feel any pain during an exam." If they are doing anything that makes you feel too much discomfort, you can and should ask questions or tell them to stop. Your gyno should never violate your confidentiality.

While your gyno shouldn't talk to your parents without your consent, the law really depends on what state you live in.

You'll also get a breast exam to feel for any abnormalities.

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