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by  |  05-Mar-2018 00:02

Revenge Porn - granted this is not the women's choice, but it does point out some have lost jobs because of the photos and some of the photos live on at many other sites despite attempts to delete them.

Link: I also just googled ''fired for posting nude pictures'' and a ton came up.

My mom self asks if reporting on the cyber tip line means she will suffer more if there is an investigation?

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I read text messages and found photos of 3 nude males.

I also found her planning to meet someone this summer.

We all have are own ethics, morals, viewpoints and we simply cannot agree on all of them, and some things fall into extreme categories and are dealbreakers.

And what she did falls into the extreme category and can indeed affect her life in negative ways she cannot foresee right now.

Wishing you the best Please inform your daughter that most prospective employers, prospective suitors, and others will consider her a prostitute and will have nothing to do with her.

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