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In addition, “mandated reporters” must file a third report in writing within 36 hours, see Section 3 under Child Abuse/Neglect. See the hospital intranet for links to hospital-based mandated reporter information, and USC’s HIPAA policies at edu/hipaa/.

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Law enforcement may show up at the patient's house and question the family about abuse, may make an arrest or issue charges, and more.

When the behavior of an abuser is questioned, criticized, and potentially investigated, then this can create a dangerous environment for the patient-victim.

So are all healthcare providers subject to the mandatory reporting requirement? If you are a healthcare provider or work with healthcare providers, be aware of your state's particular mandatory reporting laws.

In Pennsylvania, for example, mandatory reporting requirements apply to both healthcare providers and managers of a healthcare facility, but there are well-defined exceptions to mandatory reporting.

“Child abuse or neglect” does not include a mutual affray between minors.

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