Mandating reporting laws california

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“Child abuse or neglect” does not include a mutual affray between minors.

“Child abuse or neglect” does not include an injury caused by reasonable and necessary force used by a peace officer acting within the course and scope of his or her employment as a peace officer.

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Also, try to enroll the patient in a counseling service of some kind.

There are resources available through most hospitals, and some resources available outside of hospitals, too.

The patient-victim may be looked at as having 'betrayed' the abuser's trust, even though it was the healthcare provider who made the report and not the patient. Healthcare providers and others can and should attempt to guarantee the safety of the patient-victim.

Contact security at the healthcare center or contact the local police if there's a real possibility that the patient won't be safe upon returning home.

In addition, “mandated reporters” must file a third report in writing within 36 hours, see Section 3 under Child Abuse/Neglect. See the hospital intranet for links to hospital-based mandated reporter information, and USC’s HIPAA policies at edu/hipaa/.

Mandating reporting laws california

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