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One person who thinks the essays did more harm than good is Jeremy Runnells, a sort of crusader of the online ex-Mormon community.

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It was mostly a pile of not so groundbreaking discoveries, like the fact that the church really doesn't like porn.

It apparently spent more than $118,000 building and maintaining a website for recovering addicts called LDS church spokesman Eric Hawkins called it a collection of “procedural manuals, work plans and memos with very little important or sensitive information,” in an email to .

“When you first leave the church, you can have an angry and bitter phase,” he told , comparing it to losing a loved one.

On the r/exmormon subreddit, a post linking to an article published Sept.

23 titled “Why ex-Mormons are so angry,” had many commentators talking about the difficulty of being married to someone still in the church.

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