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That kind of shame, secrecy, and trauma is pervasive and can negatively impact people’s relationships with their body, their relationships with others, and their ability to use their body for intimacy with others.

I found healing and empowerment in my sexuality; which enabled me to reclaim power over my body.

A father plays with his daughter, who was born with atypical sex characteristics.

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Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Consent is about dignity; and dignity is the only thing that no one can really give you, but anyone can take away. It’s your body, don’t be ashamed of it or what other people may think of it.

Own it and use it in ways that make you feel powerful.

In neither case am I seen as a human with emotions or desires for my own body. As a highly sexual person I choose to not just capitalize on that fetishization by being an escort; but to also shift the power dynamic associated with it. I have something that is so desired that people will schedule a time, travel, and pay to experience it… I can think of very few things more empowering than to put myself in a position of power using the parts of my body that society deems ‘undesirable’ while also charging people to admire them.

“If it exists, someone, somewhere gets off to it” is a common phrase amongst sex industry workers. The fetishization and exploitation of my body is my choice, for my benefit. Concerns of how others perceive the desirability of our bodies may lead us to seriously consider altering the appearance of our genitals for someone else. ” or “What if my potential sex partner if turned off by my genitals?

My body has been looked at, touched, and altered without my consent. My body has also been looked at, touched, and altered with my consent.

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