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“So there’s a perception that the best way to get what you want out of employees or players is by negativity or threats, or being stressful or intense.

But in terms of bonding, loyalty, commitment to a team or a group and personal development over time, negativity doesn’t work as well as positivity.” Fredrickson’s research shows that positive emotions expand awareness, allowing for reception of a broader array of information.

Meanwhile adversity and stress can impair neurogenesis, the process by which that ever-evolving brain produces new cells. Richard Davidson, who directs the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at Wisconsin, “there’s some evidence to suggest that stress can impair the circuitry that regulates negative emotions in particular.

So [abuse] can have this very pernicious effect, which can have a spiraling effect and lead to an increase in negative emotions as a consequence.” Since the late 1990s, Dr.

Athletic director Mike Thomas first called Cvijanovic’s outburst a “personal attack” on Beckman, and a core of Illini players sided publicly with their coach. Andrew Weber, a former kicker at Toledo, where Beckman coached before coming to Champaign, weighed in with a tweet of his own: “We had the exact same issues. ” The reporting that six other Illini alleged Beckman would threaten to take scholarships away from injured players.

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