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‘There are no valid studies about bio-identical ­hormones at all, not about the safety, the efficacy or at what age they should be taken.’However, even without the hormones, Dr Braverman believes it is possible to improve your sex life with diet and lifestyle advice.

First, you need to work out if you’re lacking one of the brain ‘sex’ chemicals.

Whether you’re 30 or 100, a combination of good diet, nutritional supplements and some ‘natural’ hormones will restore your drive and ensure you enjoy the health benefits, too.

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Dr Braverman is based at the PATH Medical Center in New York, which he founded and which has been dubbed ‘Manhattan’s ­latest fountain of youth’ by Vogue magazine.

It’s the kind of place the rich flock to from all over the world.

If you have too much dopamine, you have a high sex drive; too little, and you may lack interest in sex.

Your performance at work suffers; you ­sometimes experience total exhaustion; sex isn’t as satisfying as it used to be; your skin is less sensitive to all types of touch; you have sex less than once a week. The following ­contain proteins that are the building blocks of this chemical: meats, ­poultry, dairy products and wheatgerm.

Partly it’s down to disease: problems such as heart disease and kidney failure can cause erectile dysfunction, for instance, while diabetes can reduce desire and arousal because it kills sensitive nerves.

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