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This version was released via the main project starting at version r1997 Since the retail release of Mountain Lion several users have reported successful setups using installers purchased from the Mac App Store, along with updated versions of Chameleon and other tools including distros.Niresh's Distro (10.8 Intel only) was first released and then was updated to 10.8.2 (With AMD and Intel) and 10.8.5 (With UEFI Support, AMD and Intel Support) versions; i Atkos ML2 was released after Niresh's Release.

updating iatkos-42

This simplification made the Brazil Mac patch and its later revisions quickly the most popular choice for many distros.

Five of the most popular builds go by the name Ja S, Kalyway, i ATKOS, i PC and i Deneb - although more recently these builds are on the way out as the Boot-132 method (described below) gains popularity.

In June, the hackers released the 10.4.7 update for non-Apple computers using the 10.4.4 kernel.

Up to the release of the 10.4.8 update, all OSx86 patches used the 10.4.4 kernel with the rest of the operating system at version 10.4.8.

v10.5 build 9A466 the community has maintained a version of Leopard that can run on non-Apple hardware.

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