40 o 20 dating show horarios - Margie rasi and boy pakorn dating

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“Boy Pakorn” admits stop talking to “Kaiwan” for the reason their time don’t coincide. Coming out to confirm that he has stop building a relationship with “Kaiwan” for “Boy Pakorn” in which he express at the opening ceremony of “Kaew Ta Waan Jai” that, Let’s not use the word breakup because we didn’t date.

Affirm Margie is just friend and humor by fortune teller predicting his soulmate is a halfie girl. I don’t know the elder is not impress with me and I don’t think it is because of a third hand. We are still normal and confident we are still sibling (Pe-Nong). It’s impossible with Margie because I always know her in status as a younger sister.

I usually don’t like a guy with a mustache or a goatee but, I will make an exception.

I really liked him in Wayupak Montra with Margie and I cannot wait for his new lakorns.

They told stories about the crazy games that they play.

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