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On his way out, he left a tiny pillow in the shape of California on my bed. This, in case you’re wondering, is a great reversal of the previous trend. ”He was driving me to LAX when I conducted this survey. He’d told me his first relationship after his divorce didn’t work out because, though he loved her, he was not love with her. He had not shied away from telling me how he loves my voice; the way I make him feel; my lips; the texture of my hair; every minute we spend connecting our minds, bodies, souls.

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That said, he was right—I had no way of knowing if this was a normal pattern or merely a sampling error. Looks (although, I have to say that I find him deliciously cute). If he has drive—an intense will to produce rather than consume. And, whether we have a deep desire to co-create (ideas, projects, potentially babies). ), she and I agreed: strong data, suggesting a real match. I was putting on my shoes as we were leaving his friend’s house when I heard his friend say, “So you guys will tour MIT and then we can meet back up for dinner? It often functions as a way of telling you to stop, to slow down, to process.

What if this was a two sigma (translation: about 5 percent likelihood) event, and it had just happened to occur on our second date? Data I do care about: whether we have a strong connection in mind, body, soul. Everything I care about is there, except one—emotional availability. The following weekend, he invited me to Boston, where a close friend of his just had a baby. The bad data I had previously tossed out—that first incident with his college friends, his occasional answering of texts with non sequiturs, the articles I’d send him that were brushed off under five minutes of receipt with a “Wow!

(Yes, we made it to dinner.) At the restaurant, our waitress invited us to the hotel guest–only Library Room for dessert, on the couch, because apparently, the way we smiled at each other made it seem like we were from out of town. The next weekend, he took red-eyes to and from New York to spend Saturday with me, from a.m. I made brunch, which meant I mashed some avocado and smeared it on toast. The good part of pruning is that you get to decide what you do and do not care about. My training set includes one six-year relationship where I was twice engaged (and planned a wedding, which I canceled two months before for no other reason than wanting big love—and nothing short of it), one three-year relationship where he started saving for a ring, and a bunch others in between. So here’s what my model says as it applies to James. There’s always more to gather, and it’s always changing. Don’t be afraid to explore, to dig deep, and certainly, don’t curate what you show others.

to p.m., before getting back home for Father’s Day with his two young kids, who live in L. We took a two-hour bubble bath to digest the food we didn’t eat, listening to the xx and wrapping therapy around each other à la Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in . But no matter which data set you’re examining, current or new, the process is the same: collect, analyze, adjust model, repeat.

coming, but he was going to have dinner with his college friends first, before driving the two hours to Manhattan to see me . I had canceled plans with a girlfriend in order to make this happen. I felt terrible about it, but he was in town visiting from Los Angeles, and I’d felt The worst part? On the card: “The future is uncertain, but this uncertainty is at the very heart of human creativity.” (That’s Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine. Like someone finally understood how to read the book of me. I was watching him overcommit, in front of my very eyes. We held hands and walked around campus, up dorm row, and through the Infinite Corridor.

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