what 3rd base in dating - Online dating maui

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Maui is home to the sensational Serenity Pool, one of the most Instagrammed sights on the island.

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Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas matched on Tinder three years ago.

A long-running joke and a few messages later, Tinder is paying for the pair to finally have that first date — in Maui.

Then Tinder stepped in, giving the duo 24 hours to pick a city for their first date. And if history is any indication, Michelle and Josh will be in Hawaii by 2022, at least.

So far, it seems like things are going well, though both Josh and Michelle know that talking IRL isn't like the same as talking online.

"Everything is going great and I love talking with her but I don’t want to rush anything," Josh told .

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