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I began with a listing announcing myself to the women of my city.Each day I tried a different approach to see what would be most effective, though I never lied or posted fake photographs.All the responses I got from real people on my first day weren't from women — they were from men.

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But it's not a stretch to say that even if you abstain from the goal, spending a week on Casual Encounters can teach you a lot about human beings and how the web has changed how we pursue one of our most essential and important desires.

It goes without saying that the content of this article is not intended for children or those made uncomfortable by such topics.

The ads are so obvious that it's surprising the euphemisms are effective in fending off law enforcement.

Then again, maybe they Amidst all those failures, I had one near-success.

Or can two regular people really make the connection that the section's name suggests?

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