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The scammer can then install malware or access sensitive information.

In some variations the scammer persuades the victim to pay for unnecessary or fictitious antivirus software or software updates.

Neither you nor any private entity can catch a scammer, regardless of how you define the word "catch." How can you facilitate the process of catching the scammer?

5) all the falsified documents (passports, visas, tickets) that they scammer provided 6) references to specific similarities (letters? You will need to translate your letter to police into Russian. The email headers, the bank accounts, the false documents, and the full names of individual involved will likely be of only interest to them.

It is better to use human translator because the Internet translations are usually barely intelligible. Do not expect your scammer to be arrested on that evidence.

3) the email headers from every letter you received from the scammer. ) between this scammer and other scammers found on the internet 7) best thing to have is the scammer's bank account.

If you do not have the headers, your information won't be very useful. If the scammer did not request any money from you so far, do not bother reporting yet - just drag your conversation with the scammer along for long enough to get the scammers' money request letter. You till need write a letter to police with a summary of the information that you have about the scammer, an explanation of each piece of evidencets that this person is a scammer, and a clearly formulated request for police to look into this situation.

If you do not have the scammer's last name, do not bother reporting.

Dating translation scams

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