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Given the potential payoff, companies will continue to invest in personality screening as they battle for competitive advantage in a knowledge economy.

Organizations aren’t getting the performance they need from their teams.

“Positive psychology” has spawned various assessments; Gallup’s Strengths Finder 2.0, the most popular, is taken by 1.6 million employees every year in more than 400 of the 500 companies.

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The Myers-Briggs Foundation warns against using it “for hiring or for deciding job assignments,” yet the test’s popularity persists at many blue-chip firms.

Proponents find it useful for helping people understand their own and their colleagues’ styles and preferences and for reducing conflict in the workplace.

The industry’s robust growth, however, suggests that managers increasingly rely on personality testing as a tool to optimize their workforces.

The tests are inexpensive compared with other assessment tools, and they are easy to administer—modern tests can be taken online without an examiner present.

Over 20 years, the mother-daughter team worked to develop the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, drawing heavily on the work of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

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