Polyamory dating polyamory dating roseville dating com

by  |  07-Feb-2018 02:57

You might want to live with multiple partners, or have babies with certain partners but not others.

You might have clearance for flirting, for surfing hookup apps, for doing sex work, for exchanging nude pictures with friends.

Once I start addressing my own fears, I find that I can focus on feeling happy for my partner(s) instead of bad about myself.

Sure, being non-monogamous means you’re living your life outside the box, but poly people come in as many shapes and sizes as monogamous people do.

I know poly people who get together for LARPing in the park, poly people who are obsessed with fermenting vegetables, poly people who go to PTA meetings and football games.

Every poly person has personal preferences and tastes just like monogamous people do.

You can never assume that dating a poly person means, for example, endless threesomes or trips to the sex dungeon every Friday.

You might be comfortable playing together at group parties.

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