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Undoubtedly the perfect swansong to a rather singular and eclectic career, the ‘event series’ takes 25 years after the original Twin Peaks was destroyed by the director’s social justice warrior writing partner Mark Frost, who essentially completely took over the show after the first season and, with the help of various relatively unknown hack writers, turned it into a pseudo-quirky unintentional self-parody while Lynch was working on his darkly romantic road movie Wild at Heart (1990).Admittedly, I was somewhat dubious of the reboot when I initially heard it was in the works because I found Lynch’s last feature Inland Empire (2006) to be quite literally unwatchable and assumed that the auteur was more interested in acting as an international propagandist for the pseudo-esoteric joke Transcendental Meditation (TM®) and pushing dubious projects like signature coffee beans and obscenely overpriced box-sets (e.g.

Indeed, unlike the original two series, the titular town is only one of a number of regions depicted in what is ultimately a more all-around epic and ambitious TV series that is just too damn good and artistic audacious to be described as a TV series.

Undoubtedly, Lynch has always had very good instincts when it comes to casting characters as Twin Peaks: The Return, which features many intriguing cameos roles from people ranging from perennially gawky goombah hipster favorite Michael Cera to drop-dead-gorgeous guidette Monica Bellucci, surely demonstrates.

After all, only Lynch could bring hilarity to meth-addled single mothers, teenage drug overdoses, arm wrestling, insufferably dumb obese women, sinisterly stoic yet nonetheless insufferably nerdy gangster accountants, white trash assassins, fast food, highly homicidal bearded bums, braindead mechanics, deadly hit-and-runs involving children, mouthy pussy-peddling negresses, slot machines, gangsters, beef jerky, unclad and overweight headless middle-aged corpses, and cowardly yet extremely treacherous insurance salesmen, among other things.

Aside from Agent Cooper being imprisoned in the Black Lodge for a couple decades and then being violently thrown back into the real world in an annoying incapacitated meta-autistic form, various other iconic Twin Peak characters reveal that they are unwitting victims of an exceedingly evil yet largely inexplicable zeitgeist where youth seems to be largely a curse and older people, who are largely worn out and disillusioned with life, are no more wiser.

For example, during a conversation between local cops in Twin Peaks, the viewer discovers that high schools with cutesy names like “Little Denny Craig” are dropping like flies during classes via drug overdoses.

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