C13 carbon dating

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It felt like I was seeing my siblings for the first time. Then the delusions went on and I started to have suicidal ideations and impulses.I realized something was really wrong and with the help of a friend and my family I admitted myself in a psychiatric clinic.Enjoyed this episode and related strongly to the first part as my dad is bipolar and recently had an intense manic episode involving multiple bouts of involuntary hospitalization and forced medication.

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I do think the medications are a useful tool to bring someone down from a manic episode--that was certainly the case for my dad.

But I am beginning to question their use as a long term solution.

When the organic matter dies, it dies with the specific concentration of C-14 in its tissue (lets limit this discussion to animals) and because it is now dead, the organism is not getting any more carbon from anywhere.

Now, The C-14 has a specific half life of 5730 years.

I've been a listener for a couple of years now, keep up the great work!

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