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by  |  06-Mar-2018 10:01

There’s no need to be a dick about it, but the frame should be one that implies she has to impress you just as much as you have to impress her.

It keeps thing equal, shows confidence and makes things more fun.

Inner-game or self-belief is something that a guy can develop over time, but only if he wants to make it happen.

A lot of guys say that tomorrow they’re going to start getting serious about game, and that they believe in themselves enough to do it.

Without actively making changes to your lifestyle and to your mental state, you may never be able to break your old thinking patterns about yourself and your abilities to attract women.

You shouldn’t be satisfied with the results you’ve been getting, especially if you still have personality issues that you’re struggling with.

Changing your self-belief will not only make you more successful in your approaches but will make game more fun because it will be way more natural.

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