Ssh knownhosts not updating

by  |  01-Feb-2018 20:15

This guide shows settings for the most commonly deployed Open SSH versions at Mozilla - however, using the latest version of Open SSH is recommended.File: # Supported Host Key algorithms by order of preference.

ssh knownhosts not updating-4

i can see the connections that i usually use in secure crt.

The configuration files are not getting created after double-clicking the new securecrt.

For example, these guidelines assume only SSH protocol 2 is configured in the server, and SSH protocol 1 is disabled.

This also assumes that you are keeping Open SSH up-to-date with security patches.

If I log in as a standard user, it does not create the securefx folder such as: application data\Vandyke\Secure FX..config\known sessions and knownhosts. It sounds like you might have been expecting or wanting different behavior. I don't what "Hosts" you're referring to - the [FONT="Courier New"][FONT="Courier New"]Host key database location value in Global Options / SSH Host Keys? You may be referring to the Secure FX standalone installer, or the integrated Secure CRT and Secure FX installer, and I don't know which version (6.6.3 maybe)? Are you saying that you start Secure FX through the shortcut (on the desktop or in the Windows Start menu) and see no sessions in the Connect window?

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