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She also opened up about her own sexuality and the experiences she's shared when dating both men and women. That's fairly slim pickings." NEWS: Miley Cyrus Reveals She Had Romantic Feelings for Women at 14 Years Old Cyrus' former relationships include an engagement to Liam Hemsworth and a short-lived fling with Patrick Schwarzenegger.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer admitted to magazine that when growing up in Nashville, she was always the one who "wanted to experiment," but felt that guys had an "overly macho energy" when in a relationship with her. However, any future male suitors will have to get their act together before asking her out."If I end up in a straight relationship, that's fine," she said.

Sources from their inner circle tell us they weren't surprised to see the exes hanging together in Australia this weekend, but they've been back in each other's lives since the fall.

We're told Miley's not using the bf label yet for Liam, but they're well beyond the friend zone.

“They left in the same large group, but Kellan was a few steps behind her the whole time,” the source says.

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