Edmonton grannies wanting to hook up

by  |  09-Feb-2018 08:16

When you're looking to get hooked up in Edmonton, we suggest you check out the bars on Whyte Avenue.

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Some buns who replied do not have any family in Canada; others are estranged from theirs. Another senior bun suggested she could tag-team with Nipshaven and offer grandma services in the other end of town.

Many have recently lost their own grandparents or parents. One person and their roommate are having a wedding for their dogs this Saturday: "My grandma can't come!

But many folks, sadly, don't have a granny in their life.

Now, one Toronto-based woman is on a mission to be "adopted" by anyone who may be in need of a granny.

I felt disconnected from the world, isolated and quite frankly, a bit lonely," she says.

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